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Let us build your dreams with old world quality and today’s technology. Saunas and Specialty Rooms Building, Maintenance & Repair.

We provide the quality and performance you dream of in your dream space.
We are the premier Sauna and Specialty Room Builder in Southern California. We have experience in personal and commercial specialty rooms such as Saunas, Himalayan Salt chambers, Cedar Closet linings, and steam rooms. We have the experience needed to provide you with an excellent room that preforms as good as it looks.
We are not just Master Carpenters, we have experience in every aspect of making your room perform. We address forgotten issues such as ventilation and air flow, heat loss, glass works, mold prevention, vapor or radiant barrier selection, proper electrical, water quality, and much more.
When your company or home style is unique, we can offer Designer Saunas and specialty rooms with endless features. We can install: big screen recessed TVs’ with isolated ventilation, full glass walls, frameless glass doors, custom flooring, controlled water supplies, custom benches and seats, custom lighting, ultra-fast heaters to heat rooms in less than 10 minutes, custom trim, backup power (humidor & wine rooms) and much more. We have a commercial equipment designed for the heavy use in both high and low occupancy. We also offer pre-built and custom freestanding outdoor saunas and specialty rooms that can fit the style of any build from ultra-modern to country classic.

Different types of rooms require different species of wood. Our most common sauna rooms are Western Red Cedar, Alder and Hemlock, while other rooms such as humidors would require hard woods such as Spanish Cedar but we can source just about anything for your home or resort. We work with some of the biggest names in the industry such as SoCal Sauna, Helo Saunas, and Amerec Steam to offer the best support available in the industry. We are licensed and carry many types of insurance to meet the requirements of some of the most stringent insurance requirements required by large scale builders.

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